Mission Statement

Chapel of the North Hills

Growing Community in Christ

Growing – The normal state for living things is growth.  At the Chapel, we want to foster the environment for growth in three essential facets:

1.​As individual Christians, we should each grow closer to Christ.  This is primarily accomplished through the spiritual disciplines, such as Bible study, prayer, and worship.

2.​As a church, we should grow closer to each other.  We are joined together as spiritual members of one body with Jesus as our Head.

3.​As a community, we should grow larger as the Kingdom of God is also growing throughout the world.

Community – We are a community connected together by our connection to Christ.  We are also part of a community as God has planted us in the North Hills of El Paso.  We are an outpost of our ultimate community, the Kingdom of God.

In Christ – Christ is the source of our life, and the life He gives is eternal life. He is the desire of our life, what we want most. He is the goal of our life in that we live for Him and seek to be like Him. In short, Christ is our life.