Jewel #11: It Takes a Trinity

Ephesians 2:18

The God of the universe is the only real God.  There is only one God.  However, God there are three divine Persons in God: 1) God, the Father,2) God, the Son, and3) God, the Holy Spirit

All three Persons are God and together they are God. This is the Christian doctrine of the “Trinity.”  Let me mention threeobjections at this point.

1.  Some other religions accuse Christians of worshipping three gods.  This is not the case because the Persons of the God-head are distinct, but not separate.  They exist in perfect union.

2.  Some who claim Christianity disavow the doctrine of the Trinity because the word “Trinity” never occurs in Scripture.  There are many words that do not occur in Scripture because the concept did not exist in order for a word to be coined to describe them.  The term “Trinity” was invented later as a way to describe a unique reality, which is definitely expressed in Scripture.

3.  It is futile to attempt to perfectly compare the Trinity with anything else.  There is no other Trinity so all analogies will fail when pressed.

This verse is one of the places where all three Persons of the God-head are listed in close proximity.  In fact, all three Persons of the Trinity are mentioned in v18.  Their respective roles regarding the reconciliation of man to God are outlined by the prepositions:• Reconciliation is through Christ.  Christ is the path to reconciliation.  He has made the way to God a possibility for mankind.• Reconciliation is by the Spirit.  The Holy Spirit conducts us along the path.  He is our Companion, Encourager, and Comforter along the way back to God.• Reconciliation is to the Father.  The Father is the aim of our reconciliation.  It is He to whom we travel as it was He from whom we fled in disobedience.  God is not the One who left, we were.  Therefore, we are the ones who need to return.

All three Persons of the God-head are involved in our reconciliation. They are united in purpose. That purpose is for us to be brought back into perfect fellowship with Himself.

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